Catchy court is an unit of Aseps Webtech and fully manage by Vezlay foods private limited with a mission to give the non – veg taste and texture food through online platform. As a leading veg meat producer in India they appointed Catchy Court to sell and marketed their product through online platforms they gives all the handling right of their product to Catchy Court.
Catchy Court is an ecommerce platform comes in the existence in April 2018 with vezlay foods that gives the taste of chicken they provide us to sell food products like veg meat, soya noodlee,soya noodle,soya indi chop, soya vegget etc understanding in the need of health in current fast food eating generation we want to reduce the dises like besity, Heart problem and other problem like digesion arises due to age & can be care by eating vezlay food that available on Our ready to eat and ready to cook foods are very healthy and available in frozen and non-frozen varients and almost all the products are maida free, gluten free and sugar free foods items.
Catchy Court family are animal lover and they want to save the animals who killed for getting meat, So they produce veg meat a subsitute of chicken that is healthier and tastier like chicken without compromissing the taste and texture of chicken.